There is really nothing more comforting to me than writing in my own journal.
Blogging is a wonderful way to share in life and creativity but sometimes there are things that are too personal and sacred to be shared publicly.
Its easy to let your mind get caught up in the thoughts of, "What would my readers enjoy or want to see?"  "What kind of post will be more prone to receiving comments and views?"
But I am often reminded of why it is that I started this blog in the first place:  to record our life experiences good and bad.

So today it is as simple as this, I sat outside and wrote in my journal and felt the cool wind on my skin.  It was euphoric and I felt alive.  

"Fall is approaching and the yellow leaves are lining the ground.  The wind is powerful today and is rolling through the earth like great ocean waves.  It overtook me for a moment and I closed my eyes and my hair blew around my face.  It rushed past my body and I pressed my hand to my belly.  I was tenderly reminded of my Heavenly Father's love for me.  In that moment I was in awe of the creation of the earth and the creation inside of me."


All Things Neville said...

Beautiful! Keep writing, if only for yourself :)
<3 Tailor

Katy said...

I've started journaling again as well. I have journals from when I was in middle school and it's amazing to read back to my thoughts about God, boys, and life back then. It's great to have that connection with ourselves and God. Sometimes I just write out a prayer of gratitude when I am feeling like nothing is going right in life and it reminds me of what i have to be thankful for. Good for you! I hope all is well darlin'!

Rachael said...

That's a great journal entry!
I used to have a lot of journals when I was younger, so I understand your love of them!
I haven't kept it up, or kept the journals like an idiot, but seeing you do so makes me feel like starting up again!

Nurse-to-be said...

Rachel I think you are a poet!

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