25 weeks this past Friday.

Dearest little girl,

I can't tell you how much I love you already.  When you give me little kicks, those are the happiest moments of my life.  Then when you kick and your daddy gets to feel them too, I swear I could be in heaven.  I wish you could see the look he gets on his face, its like Christmas morning every time.  We are in awe of you.  I am the happiest I have ever been and it is because of you and your daddy.  I can't believe you are really going to be ours, it is such an honor.  

I imagine the moment of seeing you for the first time over and over again in my head.  I wonder who you will look like, I hope I'll see a little bit of myself in you.  I imagine pushing you out and then having the doctor place you on my chest and I'll look deep in to your little eyes with your daddy by my side.  We will examine every inch of you and a place in our hearts that we never knew we had will fill so full that it will almost hurt.  I try to anticipate the feelings I will have at that moment but I know that I am a child in this, I know nothing yet. I can't wait for you to teach me how it feels to be a mother.  I'm so ready to learn.
I love you Evaleigh Joy.

your mother


kyns said...

you MIGHT already be doing something like this, but my mom kept a baby journal for me while she was pregnant and a little bit up until I was about 3. She basically just wrote little letters to me telling me what was going on and my milestones and how much she loved me.
It is my most favorite thing that I have on this earth. I read through it all the time.
anyway, my point is, if you aren't doing that already, you should. because she will LOVE it when she is older!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

You look great, and I love the name that you've picked out! So pretty :)

B said...
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Jessica Holly said...

1. This is lovely. You're making me baby hungry! 2. In response to your comment, I made that necklace this weekend! It was super easy. E-mail me if you want the info on how to make it!

Kelsey Cole said...

I absolutely LOVE the name you picked:) It is so beautiful!

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