the perfect kind of lazy

(i cant wait to put EJ in this little outfit. mustard sweater: baby gap, pink dress: ralph lauren, polkadot tights: baby gap converse shoes: old navy)

Its been the perfect kind of lazy day.  
I woke up around 9:30 and made my sister waffles.  She and Joe spent the night last night.
Then we giggled in her bedroom and chatted for an hour and then decided to watch the latest episode of America's Next Top Model.  I will always love that show.
During the show John came in from his home office and asked if we would like pizza.  It seems that most of my lunches and dinners are becoming this nowadays.  That is always a sure fire sign that I need to get out and do some grocery shopping.
Joe came home and joined us for lunch.
We all filled our tummies while sitting on the floor in EJ's nursery.  I am spending a lot of time in that little girls room.  I just can't pull my self away from imagining her in there.
I fell asleep on my husbands chest while he worked and worked and worked.
Now I am awake and will go to work in an hour.

I suppose I should have practiced for my competition tomorrow, written my talk for Sunday, gone grocery shopping, done some laundry, or worked in EJ's room.

But today really was the perfect kind of lazy.


Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

The only time I am ever baby hungry is when I read your blog....and I kind of want to steal that outfit for our future brood.

Haley said...

soak up those perfectly lovely lazy days :) Every once in a while they give me the boost I need to then really be productive the next day! :)

Jessica Holly said...

I want that outfit for me!! EJ will be so stylish :) How could she not be with a mother like you?

M said...

I am speaking on Sunday too!--- and have not even thought about writing my talk :)

Deveny said...

That is a stinkin' adorable outfit!
And yes, ANTM is a needed guilty pleasure. I'm so glad Tyra turned down the crazy the past few seasons. Reenacting fairy tales w/ crazy eyes = no bueno

Taylor @ Drinking From Jars said...

I LOVE that outfit! Holy cow! Your little girl is going to be so stylish! Mustard is so beautiful, dang I am starting to feel like I need to go shopping for my daughter...and me! Love lazy days, and love loving lazy days even more.

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