the best birthday of my life

6:30 wake
6:50 birthday cake for breakfast
7:20 waited outside for john while he went to the grocery to pick up juice for the youth breakfast at church.  i breathed in the cold morning air and listened to the birds chirp and welcome the day.
7:35 watched the sun rise. john said, "when we're old and retired and living in the Caribbean somewhere, I want to see the sunrise and the sunset everyday."  You got it baby.

8:00 threw a football and basketball around with mr. murphy. i'm no athlete but i believe a good grunt is in order every time you throw a ball.
8:30 pancake breakfast with the youth
9:00 trash pick up for 2 hours on the road our church adopted.  giving service feels so good.
11:20 e
agle scout project with one of the youth
11:55 i complain and want to go home because i have to pee and im really hungry
12:15 john says we can leave and he tries to crank the versa. car wont start.
12:16 i start to cry
12:17 john says we should pray and asks me to do it, i say no. he does it. he asks for our car to start. then asks me to count to 3.

12:18 i count to 3
12:18 the car starts
12:19 we bust out laughing and john says a prayer again
12:30 we eat checkers and i have a glorious big buford and fries.
1:30 Nap
3:30 caramel apples on porch with john and mom
4:00 hang out with mom and fix things on her computer

5:00 i'm not tellin'
6:00 Shower while John serenades me with "let me die in my footsteps"
7:30 head out for dinner

7:45 Drive to Macaroni Grill and talk to family on the way there
8:30 Dinner

8:40 Pomegranate Italian Soda and Cranberry Orange Spritzers
9:15 Practiced writing Evaleigh's name all over the table with crayons and decided it was a lot of fun to do
9:30 surprise birthday chocolate cake and a table side opera performance of the Italian Happy Birthday song

9:33 smooch
10:10 hold hands in the car on the way home

10:30 john puts up with a photo snapping session
11:11 talk to momma
11:24- baby kicks. john felt her four times in a row.
11:25 john gets distracted and finds gray hairs on my head. 24 is not that old is it?
11:57 birth minute toast with sparkling white grape juice in my new birthday goblets from husband. they are golden yellow and from anthro...does he know me or does he know me?  he knows me.

11:58 watch parks & rec and the office on hulu.
12:00 not my birthday anymore
12:30 fall asleep while husband tickles my arm

24 is going to be perfect, i just know it.


liz said...

YUM! Happy birthday! I hope it was as wonderful as it looks!!

Annie said...

happy birthday! i hope it was a wonderful day!

Deveny said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a great day - and yes, 24 is pretty sweet. :)

Jessica Holly said...

Happy Birthday! You are the prettiest pregnant birthday girl I think I've ever seen. Seriously. And those goblets? I die.

brookeiam said...

i love the timeline--so precious!!! a good way to remember every moment of your birthday.

and may i say that cake looks to die for?!

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