what did i do

Our days are so busy now.

Being a mother is hard work, but its the best kind of work.

I think it is because of how constant it is.  Sometimes I remember simpler days and wonder what I ever did with my life.  The moments are all so full now and I hardly have a chance to catch my breath before moving on to the next thing.

I was thinking about this the other day when I took my baby to the bathroom with me and let her play with a tampon out of desperation.  I just needed to sit and be still for a moment.  I mean, even going to the bathroom is on my to-do list now.  Most of the time it ranks under breastfeeding and lunch.

But all it takes is one smile from my baby girl and I am smiling right back at her and that gives me the rush of energy I need to carry on.

Motherhood is wonderfully exhausting.


Anonymous said...

that photo is adorable!!! Happy weekend to you and Happy Mothers day :)

The Michelle Show said...

I swear, now that I'm a Mom I wonder what the heck I did with all my time before. Dont you think??

Skye said...

I totally get this post! Being a recent mother myself I am shocked at how full the days and nights now are. Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed but my baby girl is worth every busy moment. I adore Evaleigh's pose in the picture!

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