61 years

I just spoke with a woman who lost her husband yesterday morning.  She called to speak to me about singing at his funeral.  The moment I answered the phone she could hardly make it through her first sentence.  

They had been married 61 years.

She said, "I don't know how I am going to make it through this," and then jokingly she said, "of course we didn't talk much any more because we'd already said it all."

I couldn't finish our conversation without being in tears my self.  I couldn't imagine loosing your companion after a lifetime together.  I feel so honored to go through this life with John by my side.  He is my best friend.  

In two months we will be married 4 years.  With 4 moves and two babies, loosing loved ones and celebrating successes, making and writing music, many date nights on the couch and rocking and singing and bouncing to babies to sleep together I feel like our four years is a lot.  But when I think about what our lifetime together will bring I know we've just begun.  

Today I am grateful for our life together building and raising a family and being husband and wife.


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