another day

There was nothing really special about today. 

I think that's what made it special to me.  It was just another day.  A day full of giggles and tears and requests and wardrobe changes and messes.

I pulled Avett in to bed to nurse around 6:30.  About 10 minutes later after dozing back off we awoke to Evaleigh crying for her daddy.  John sleepily got out of bed and pulled on some sweat pants in the dark.  I love hearing him tell her good morning on the monitor.  A few minutes later he returned to let me know she had soaked through her jammies and that we needed dry clothes for her.  I drifted back off to sleep and Avett and I woke back up around 7:45.  We got to snuggle and smile at each other in the morning light and a diaper change is in order.  I go to join John and Evaleigh and I find them curled up on the couch and Parker is also snuggled up under Johns other arm while they all watch Frozen.

I take my chance and start lunch prep while the kids are occupied and Avett is happy.  Boil vegetable pulp.  Chop carrots and celery.  Grill chicken.  

Meanwhile Evie wants milk.  

Bekah and I get ready to go to excersize and I realize I have a huge hole in my leggings so I have to change and put on 3 sports bras.  I realize the sports bras were all a bit premature because I have to feed Avett before we go.  He eats and then his eyes get heavy and there is a successful transfer to the pack and play. Thank goodness.

Off we go.  Zumba was fun.  I felt silly but it was fun.   When we get back home I am excited to see the kids and John is bouncing Avett on the ball.  I finish throwing the soup together for lunch and I put it on to boil.  

I shower and it's time to nurse Avett again. He is so ready to eat and squeals with impatience.  It's pretty cute.  Meanwhile Evaleigh is falling asleep drinking her milk on the couch while tugging on her ear like she always does.  I text John for help in the other room, as he has gone back to work after so sweetly watching the kids all morning.  He scoops her up and takes her back for a nap.  She cries as he carries her down the hall and after a few minutes he tries to leave the room but the creaky wooden floors wakes her. So it takes another attempt and then she is out. 

We all eat lunch.  The soup is good. I finally get Avett down for his second nap and just as I do Evie is up from her nap.  She is clearly not ready and asks to lay back down.  So I sit in the rocking chair in the room and she keeps closing and opening her eyes to peek at me.  5 minutes pass and she is ready to come out.  I feed her chicken and carrots and she wants me to feed a stuffed animal puppy too. 

While the boys are asleep Rebekah, Kate, Evie, and I all share a sweet girls moment.  She keeps saying "I miss you Kate, I love you Kate."  Kate smiles at all of us crowed around her on the ottoman.  Evaleigh says phrases and sentences I've never heard her day before,  "did ya ek-er-size yet?"  She has a long conversation with Bekah about the boo-boo on her finger and she shows a lot of concern.  She asks her all sorts of questions and I just sit there in amazement learning about my girl and bewildered at all of the things she knows.  There is nothing but bright eyes and a smile on my face.

Avett wakes and he burrows in to my neck and he feels so right right there.  Ashlyn comes over and she and Bek stay inside while I play with the toddlers on the trampoline outside.   Evaleigh is not interested in sharing the trampoline with Parker and we battle that on and off for at least 30 minutes.  At some point John comes running outside and jumps on the trampoline and we get so excited that he is finally done with work for the day!  Evaleigh asks him to get off.  Ashlyn eats some of my soup and she says it's the best soup she's ever had, it makes me feel like a million bucks.

Some time passes and it's yet again nursing time for the boy.  We go back in to the guest room and I prop myself up on a pile of pillows.  The fan is blowing hard and it pushes an unruly curl across my forehead over and over.  Evaleigh comes in to join us and spies a dress I have packed for her.  She wants to wear it so bad so I try to change her one handed while I keep nursing Avett.  I look down at him and know that this moment is simple and mundane but that someday I'll think of it and it will be one of my favorites.

More playing.   Dragging Evie around the hard wood floors on a towel and she loves it.   Dinner time.  Egg salad wraps, Evaleigh helps me put in the pepper and salt while sitting up on the island.  Bed time.  Family prayer by her bedside, it's my turn tonight. 

And here I am, at the end of another normal day. Oh so tired and oh so happy.


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