kissing trees

We have been loving this warmer weather.  The other day we got out and picked flowers and ran and swang and played with birds nests and checked on the buds growing in the orchard and learned to kiss trees.  

Growing up my mother taught us all about the outside.  We practically were raised in the woods playing outside from sun up to sun down.  I have fond memories of Parker rock in our backyard.  Picnics on that rock.  My sister and I climbing the tree we named Mabel.  Digging toilets in the ground.  Making trails that lead to a make believe pony camp.  Walking through streams.  Picking flowers and countless walks.  My mother has always been quite the gardener.  She never missed an opportunity to let us look at her flowers.  She would tell us that the secret to her beautiful flowers was that she would talk to them and tell them they were beautiful.  

This weekend Evaleigh and I found ourselves in the orchard.  The trees are all sprouting and displaying their new buds.  This summer we will have peaches, apples, pears, plums, cherries, blueberries, and huckleberries.  I've loved watching these trees grow from what looked like broomstick handles to 10-25 foot trees.  It's a beautiful measure of the passage of time.  I am proud of those trees my mother and her husband planted.  So I taught Evaleigh to kiss them and tell them they were doing a good job growing and that they were beautiful.   

I felt like my mother.

I'm glad to become like her.


Jessica Holly said...

learning to kiss trees is a very important thing to learn to do!! I love Spring.

April Rowell said...

Oh my! Your babies are beautiful!!

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