the first day of spring

Yesterday morning I woke up in a horrible mood.  I was up at 4am the night before to nurse Avett and then couldn't go back to sleep.  I had finally caught the cold my kids had been fighting all week and I couldn't breathe.  So at 5:15 I made the decision to take some NyQuil.  Worst. Decision. Ever.  I was hungover all morning.  I was so sleepy and irritable and impatient and I let Avett cry much longer than I would have on any other normal day.  It was not my greatest day as a mother that's for sure.  But somewhere around 10:30 we decided to go outside.  Outside is the cure for a lot of things in our house.  I decided to turn my morning around by picking a big bouquet of flowers with Evaleigh.  Spiraea, forsythia, camellias, yoshima cherry blossoms, and some unknown purple thing.  After 5 minutes outside we were all much happier.  Later we came inside with muddy feet and washed up in the bathroom sink. Happy first day of spring. (Yesterday)


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