I had a tender moment a week or so ago that I want to write down before I forget.
My grandparents came over for Thanksgiving and I was so happy to see them here because we weren't sure they were going to make it seeing that my Pawpaw had just had neck surgery.
After Thanksgiving lunch I had a moment outside on the porch with my grandfather.  I was sitting on the coffee table and he was in a little chair in his usual position with his skinny chicken legs crossed.  We were talking about EJ coming and all of the sudden he got a little quiet and he looked up at me.  He said, "Rachel, you don't know it yet but you are about to enter the happiest years of your life."  I had to hold back the tears. 
There is something really sweet and tender to me about advice from him.  I trust his words so much.  They are filled with life experience and knowledge from all of his years.  He worked hard for his family to give them the best that he could and provide for them.  I am proud to have come from him.
He went on to tell me, "You know the golden years aren't so golden sometimes.  Most of the time it feels a little bit more like rust.  Your body starts to give out and it can be very frustrating.  So, enjoy these years of your life now for all that you can.  But one thing that will make these years golden for me is meeting my first great-granddaughter.  She is going to be such a beautiful little girl."
I hope I can remember not to take these years for granted.  I am so grateful for the sacred blessing it is to become a mother.  I think it will be the hardest and best thing I will ever do.

Here are just a couple more picture from Thanksgiving.  I'm sharing them fashionably late since I just got them from my sisters camera.

we are practicing our labor faces

Ok, on to Christmas...no more talk of Thanksgiving, for real this time.
Can't wait to share our Christmas tree tomorrow, its pretty fan-dan-tastic.


kyns said...

this made me cry a little bit. i miss my grandpa so much. cherish every second you get with that cute little man!

Hollie Ann said...

your grandma on the motorcycle=best photo ever.

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