i must have a really comfy womb

like really soon.

Today we went to the ultrasound specialists and saw that Miss Evaleigh has a head full of hair, really likes to practice breathe in tha womb, and is an extreme contortionist(even the tech was impressed and equally dumbfounded as to how she got into the position she was in). 

All of those things make her a really cool baby.

After the ultrasound we decided that the Version, though possible, is not for us.  We really feel like if EJ is meant to turn then she will.  I am already being humbled by my child.  I remember when I was first starting to feel her move and kick, I was in awe that she had the freedom to move as she pleased.  Although she was a part of me and we were sharing the same body...I had no control over her.  That amazed me and I was proud of her for being her own little person.  I am really learning more about the gift of agency.   

We have date set for the c section and the idea of it is growing on me.  Thank you each and every one for the incredible outpouring of love, support, and kind words you shared with me yesterday.  I can't tell you how much each comment, phone call, text message, email, and facebook message meant to me.  I am astounded at the heart warming words I have received from friends and strangers alike.  I went to bed last night feeling much better and incredibly at peace.

Although, I may still ground Evaleigh for a few weeks after she is born for not listening to me tell her "TURN AROUND BABY!!!!" probably 1,000 times.  She is in trouble but I forgive her because I just must have a really comfy womb.

(Also a thank you to Nat the Fat Rat for our little feature yesterday.  I bet you are getting rather tired of Christmas trees.)


Meredith said...

haha, the title of this post cracked me up ;)
will keep you & your little one in my prayers!

Haley said...

I read back on your recent posts...what a wonderful Christmas!! I'm sorry you had to be surprised with the possibility of a c-section right after the holiday weekend...the feelings you had are so legitimate, and my heart reaches out to you. I hope EJ turns soon! But, if not, what a blessing that you've found comfort with the idea of a c-section. I recently had a friend have a scheduled c-section (her 3rd) and she said it was a great experience! Prayers for you & baby EJ...it will all work out...and soon enough you'll have her in your arms! <3

Lindsay Nicole said...

LOVE this post. Love you miss and miss you! Hope all goes well!

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