This weekend we went to see The Nutcracker at The Fox Theater.  John and I had never been to a ballet before.  It was breathtaking, and I'm not just talking about the men in tights.
I watched in amazement at what these people could do with their bodies.  I was in absolute awe of them.
The human body is a pretty miraculous thing.
The way they moved was captivating and I had so much respect for their craft.  
I am so grateful to have a body that works the way that it does.  I am grateful that my body is strong and healthy and that I can carry this baby inside of me.  We have been given such a special gift to use our bodies however we please.  
As I watched these dancers use their bodies to make art, I was humbled by them.
It was a true Christmas experience as the gratitude of my heart was enlarged.

In other news, 4 weeks and a few days til baby EJ.  I cannot WAIT to meet her.  She has been so active lately.  She is still breech which scares me tremendously.  I want so badly to have a natural birth and really need her to turn that little head upside down!  I might try and coax her below with some Christmas music near my pelvis tonight accompanied by and bag of peas on my upper torso all while laying upside down with my feet in the air.  
It is going to be quite the sight to see.
This body is going to be doing some impressive things of its own tonight...


Jessica Holly said...

I LOVE going to see The Nutcracker!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

i will be praying for your little baby to turn herself around. :)

i love the nutcracker--it's always such an emotional thing for me for some reason. it is just so beautiful. xx

Deveny said...

hahaha, I also heard about the bag of peas trick. Have you seen any prenatal yoga? I swear by that in keeping my son head down the whole time. Wouldn't hurt to try a DVD. :)

Monique said...

You still have plenty of time for her to begin doing headstands. Don't worry. I love the nutcracker ballet. I wanted to be a snowflake when I was a tiny dancer once upon a time.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

We really need to go see that.

Time goes by quickly. It will be no time before you have her in your arms, but I appreciate that you're enjoying every day.

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