On Christmas Eve this beautiful family of 4 was involved in a head-on collision.  The mother and father and 1 year old sustained critical injuries and on Christmas Day they lost their son Colum.

I am clear across the country and do not personally know this family but my heart breaks for them.  As I am about to embark on motherhood myself I cannot imagine a more horrific or painful thing.

There is a way we can help.

You can go to this website to donate to this family.

I am humbled at this time and I stand in awe of the gift of life.  I am keeping a prayer in my heart for this family and the painful journey that is ahead for them and hope that you will too.


O'Leary Time said...

This is utterly heartbreaking. My heart goes out to their family. It's hard to find words to say, so I'll lift up prayer instead.

Becca Jane said...

This was on our local news and I cried over it.

Kendra said...

this just makes my stomach turn. how heartbreaking.

Haley said...

oh reading their story made me cry...how tragic for their family to lose their little boy and go through all of this right around the holidays. prayers for them <3 and I'm with you, the gift of life is precious and I'm so grateful for it.

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