perfect ten

10 things that gave me joy this season:

1. My husband bringing me his evergreen tree soaked hands and letting me take in deep breaths for as long as I'd like.

2. New York style pumpkin cheesecake ice-cream from Kroger.

3. Fresh clean warm sheets just on the bed on a cold winter night.

4. Being pregnant with my sister, every girls dream.

5. Picking oranges fresh off the trees and making Christmas wassail with them.

6. Feeling our baby girl roll from one side of me to the other and watching John's eyes get as big as silver dollars when he feels her too.

7. Seeing people with Christmas trees a top their cars.

8. An unopened pack of Christmas cards waiting to be written in and sent off.

9. Homemade ornaments on the tree.

10. The anticipation of adding a new little person to our family and trying to imagine how beautifully different Christmas will be next year and all of the rest of the years to follow.


Jessica Holly said...

All those things sound like a dream. seriously.

GAFlyGirl said...

Aww I love how you see the joy, even in the little things. the one about Johns eyes getting as big as silver dollars made me smile! :-) I am so excited for you both. You both did beautifully on Sunday. I could just Envision you both performing for the baby every night as you rock him to sleep. soooo sweet!
<3 ya! April

Rachel said...

Love your shirt!

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