pop pop pop

Last night I finally made these Jalapeno Cream Cheese Crescent Poppers. (pin here)  They were mind blowing awesome.  I mean crazy cream cheesy goodness with buttery flaky biscuits awesome. Then tonight I made Brunswick stew and I made them again.  I did not regret it.

You won't either.

I mean, you should probably go make them right now.

Like now.



Unknown said...

I swear that has got to be the perfect fall thing to do! I can already imagine a home like this!

Haley said...

okay...so i admit i am super weak-sauce when it comes to spicy things. :( but your cream cheese poppers looks so good i'll have to try them using the veggie cream cheese! :) those with a yummy soup sound fantastic...thanks for the dinner idea for tomorrow! xo

Unknown said...

wow that looks amazing!!


Rachel said...

I have pinned these and still have yet to make them,they sound so yum!And making them with soup sounds even more fantastic!I'm considering this my nudge to go ahead and make them already!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

These look really good! Just pinned it!

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