Evaleigh is 8 months old.

If I could freeze time right now I would. She is the most perfect and precious age. She is learning so fast now everyday and I absolutely love watching it.

I love how she smells like syrup all day after one maple waffle wagon wheel. I can scrub and scrub and she still smells like breakfast all day.

She hears everything. Sometimes she mimics sounds she hears. If I am singing she will start to make long high noises like she is singing along. The other day we heard a motorcycle in the distance and then she roared like the sound the cycle made.

She has 6 teeth, oh my gosh.

She is learning to wave and clap. Talk about heart melting. When she claps I jump up and down clapping to because I get so excited.

She loves to fake cough to get our attention. I see right through it.

She is SO much fun to hug. She doesn't enjoy it but I do. Her little independent personality is starting to show a lot more.

She is trying so hard to crawl. I'm thinking we only have about a week left of the army belly scoot. She rolls all over the place to get to where she wants.

Still no 'mama' sounds. Everything she says is 'dada'. She likes to taunt me by saying dada even louder and more often when I'm trying to teach her mama. Then she laughs. Little stink.

Sometimes I look at her little body and can't believe how long it has gotten. She is so beautiful and my heart is so happy because of her.

I still have those moments where I look at John and say, "Holy crap! We made a baby! That little thing rolling around on the floor is ours!" I love those moments.

(Thanks for the puppy coat Nanny. Evaleigh wasn't sure how she felt about it but I loved it!)

Who wants to caption these pictures?


Laura said...

How cute that outfit is arorable xx

Shawna Faye said...

My little girl didn't enjoy hugs at that age either. Now she is a busy 16 monther who REALLY doesn't like hugs. Sounds like our girls are just too independent for such nonsense. :)

Jessica Holly said...

1st pic: "Hey, this is actually pretty comfy". 2nd pic: "but Holy Crap I look like a DOG!"

April Rowell said...

She is soooooo adorable! I can't believe she is 8 months old already! My little girl will be 12 weeks on Tuesday! Can't believe it. She's changed so much in this small time.

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