some grams

A few things I've been enjoying as of late:

1. Peek-a-boo with this smiley chick in the mornings. She loves to hug attack her stuffed animals and chew on their faces, it's so endearing.

2. Mustard cords and cuddling with my girl in my dads new home.

3. Naps on the swing on the side porch in the almost fall air.

4. Staying up til midnight making little things for my girl. It's a labor of love people, a labor of love.

5. Watching EJ play with my favorite dolly from when I was young, looks like Maryanne found a new friend.

6. Wearing my first engagement ring. One of Johns guitar strings from when we first met. That story here.

7. Hot pink lips on Sunday.

8. Getting the props ready for my first styled shoot with Holly Robbins today. Can't wait, love this new job so much! (no picture here, you'll have to come back to see how it turns out!)


Rachel said...

Love the guitar string ring!What a sweet idea!

amy D said...

I am loving all of those bows you made her! how precious! :)

Jessica Holly said...

You rock the hot pink lips momma! Good luck with your shoot!

Meredith said...

you are so gorgeous!
& EJ is just too cute.

and i am LOVING your engagement story.
i mean, seriously? can you two get any more perfect?
no. i didn't think so.

April Rowell said...

She is ADORABLE and you rock the pink lipstick! :)

Mindee said...

you are so pretty! love your lipstick. Also, i LOVE the bows youve made for your little girl, id love to learn how to make those kind! they seem more durable and cute than the felt ones I can only make lol. you should do a tutorial someday : ) darling pics!

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