the chair

I can't believe this beautiful chartreuse velvet chair is mine.
I saw it at Goodwill on Saturday.
I knew it had to be mine but the tag was already gone off of it, which at Goodwill we know that usually means someone else has snagged the tag and is carrying it around laying claim on their fabulous find. I waited around an hour while doing some other shopping but my eye was periodically set on that chair. I asked 3 workers if they knew anything about the buyer and no one could help me or tell me anything.

When I went to check out in a last ditch effort to have that chair be mine I asked the cashier about the chair. She said they could call it out to have the person with the ticket come up to confirm purchase. So they did...twice. And no one came!

So the manager went back to make a new ticket for me to purchase it. Up until this point I didn't know the price. I wanted this chair so badly and had resigned my self to being willing to pay just about anything within reason. When the manager brought out the new ticket, l flipped!


"Put that baby in the back of my car now!" I was hopped up with excitement for about two hours afterwards. I love it and now it has a home in the corner of our bedroom.


Unknown said...

Great find! Your baby looks gorgeous sitting in that awesome chair.

Unknown said...

what a find! that chair is gorgeous!!


Shawna Faye said...

That chair is amazing! And the price just makes it even more beautiful!

Robyn said...

great find-amazing chair!

Rachel said...

Oh my!Such an amazing find!

Thank you,thank you for suggesting The Fish thrift store.My sister and I went this past weekend and found some great things!

Katy said...

holy mackerel good golly! That is a FABULOUS find. I am so jealous!!!!!!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

That is an amazing chair! I'm so jealous! Great find!

Jaclyn said...

Wow! Great find, I am a bit jealous

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