EJ's first Christmas

This Christmas was positively the best Christmas around. Besides the fact that Mr. Murphy showered me with way too many great things, it would have been perfect anyway. Watching my sweet girl this whole season has been such a joy. I've loved watching her point at every shining thing and crawl all over the a presents and rip the paper to shreds. Christmas Eve Nanny and I made dozens of paper snowflakes and taped them to the French doors in the living room. Christmas morning she was ripping them down and having a blast crumpling the paper. She had 3 outfit changes throughout the day; there were Christmas pjs from Grandmommee, a Santa dress from Aunt Susan, and an Elf dress from her daddy. She had so much fun walking all over the paper and playing in boxes and looking at her new books.

Christmas with her was divine. Can't wait to see what next year holds for our little family.


Kieren said...

That elf dress is adorable? We're is it from?

I'm so glad you had a great Cheistmas. :)

Laura Bain said...

I LOVE those jeans diapers! They made me laugh!

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