on a scale of 10

This past Saturday was literally the perfect day.

 It started off with Sarah Doughnuts.  A red velvet doughnut, an eclair, and a chocolate sour cream doughnut. (and then another 9 to take home in a box and snack on through out our journey of a day)  

After our doughnut feast we went to Atlanta Vintage Books.  John found them through Scout Mob last weekend and had been wanting to go.

Back story.  I'm not a reader.  It is mostly because I am too ADD to focus on something without my mind wandering to what my favorite cheese is, what my next craft project will be, or how my wedding could have been so different if Pinterest had only existed 1 year earlier.  Also I think this is the list of everything I have read.  Ever.  

The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown
Enders Game
Hunger Games
The Twilight Series
Goodnight Moon
The Scriptures

But for some reason this book store seemed intriguing.  We carried our sleeping baby inside and were met with happy store clerks and 5 cats.  It was dreamy and made me want to pick a book and cozy up with Frieda here and a Claritin.

  The walls were covered floor to ceiling with shelves of books. I loved the random reading nooks with antique velvet chairs that doubled as scratching posts for Boo, Little Boo, Mickey, Frieda, and Callie.

We left with an antique copy of The Night Before Christmas for Evaleigh and an oval picture of a chrysanthemum. I left with a runny nose and a new resolve to broaden my reading list.

Then we met up with some friends at Ikea.  Being in there was like a time warp.  I'm pretty sure we spent 3.5 hours in there.  Baby girl had herself a nap in daddy's arms and played in the stuffed animal bin.  

Then we came home and had a How I Met Your Mother Marathon and some ice cream.

I give Saturday an 11.


Rachel said...

I MUST go to this book store! It looks so wonderful! And how have I never heard of Sarah Doughnuts? It looks oh,so yum!

p.s. I feel ya on the frustration of Pinterest not existing when we got married.

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