soaking it in

I just can't get enough of this season.  
Even though the weather was nice enough to take my baby outside in nothing but a diaper, it feels like Christmas.
I can't stop staring at our tree, it is my most favorite one ever!  I love how colorful it is and it makes me so happy.  
I thought I would have to defend it from a certain 10 month old but surprisingly EJ has been very sweet to the tree.  She is a pretty obedient listener so we've only had to tell her not to mess with it a few times.  She does like to try and eat the fallen pine needles though, I swear I find the weirdest things in her diaper.

I am slowly checking off the movies that I have to watch each Christmas season.  I've made psychedelic colored Christmas cookies with Lisa.  John and I have sung Christmas carols with the guitar at night.  We have a had a few fires in our living room.  I haven't done a bit of Christmas shopping yet and for some reason this doesn't make me nervous at all.  I am trying my best not to rush a moment of this season.  I want it to go as slow as possible because there is something looming right behind Christmas...
...Evaleigh's first birthday.

I am excited about it, truly.  But there is something so bittersweet about it.  I have been pausing a lot more through out our days to make sure that I am taking in the remaining bits of her babyness.  She is growing so fast right before our eyes. I love watching her discover new things.  Lately it has been the washing machine.  She loves it.  Also she is standing on her own much more often now.  She talks all of the time and sometimes she ends up saying actual words.  The most common two are 'out' and 'whoa'.  Its precious.  She does this awesome 360 degree spin while sitting and kicking her legs, she is hilarious.

I just can't believe I have been her mama for almost a year. Best year of my life.


Rachel said...

I would love to hear her say "whoa"...how cute is that?! I LOVE your Christmas tree! We also made book page fanned ornaments for our tree...I had been aching to make them ever since I saw them on Pinterest.

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