hold her tight

As I sit here with my baby napping in the next room all I can think of is how grateful I am that she is my daughter.  
I just can't imagine posting anything about anything else other than a few feelings about what happened in Connecticut this weekend.
It has haunted my thoughts ever since I heard about it.  I cried as I thought of the unspeakable evil that took place Friday.  I am terrified for the world that we have to raise our children in.  My heart is torn for those families who have lost their babies. And you better believe I kissed and held my baby just as tight as I always do this weekend, but this time it meant something different to me.  I held her tight because some parents wouldn't ever be able to do that with their babies again.  
I held her tight for them.

I have been wondering what my small part is in all of this and I have decided that it is to be kind.
It seems like such a simple idea but sometimes it is the hardest thing to do to just reach outside of your comfort zone and talk to a stranger.  Pull yourself out of your cellphone screen and engage with the person standing in front of you.

It is a small and simple idea, nothing profound.  But perhaps it will help us all little by little.

Praying for all of those effected at Sandy Hook.


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