busy busy busy

I have been a busy lady these past few days.  
Mr. Murphy and I are getting ready to leave for Florida on Wednesday.
We are going down to the ranch for his cousins wedding.
I just love weddings.
While we are down there we will be having our family pictures taken by the ever so talented Audrey Layne (who we just so happen to be related to! Lucky us!) I was able to talk John in to doing these pictures by bringing up the fact that it will be our last chance for pictures together without the babe in tow.  
He hates having his picture taken...perhaps his only flaw.

I have been a crafting fool trying to get a few things ready for our shoot.

(This banner was printed on brown paper bags from Publix.
Free font found here.)

P.S. Can't wait to share pictures from my beautiful baby shower this past weekend.  They will go up as soon as I get them from my sister's camera.  I had a lovely time ladies, I love you all!!


Haley said...

how fun for you guys to get away to Florida for a wedding!! :) Seeing family and friends get hitched is so wonderful...makes you think of your special day doesn't it? :)

yay for family photos! we need to get on that asap...

and oh that banner (on the fabulous dresser) is adorable! thanks for the link to the free font :)

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