milk glass

(on the Glenn Murphy Ranch)

I can't believe we have a little more than 8 weeks until we meet our little girl.  
Even with a ginormous belly, feet that sometimes resemble that of a hobbit, hellacious heartburn, and feeling a tiny person move inside me I still have moments where I think, "Wait, am I really pregnant?".  
The reality of all of this still seems so unreal.
I feel so lucky to have been given the gift of becoming a mother so freely.  While I know this is not the case for every one, John and I were able to get pregnant so easily and quickly.  That incredible blessing does not go unrealized in our prayers every single night.  
I am truly grateful for that blessing and my heart feels so full that we were granted this sacred responsibility and immense blessing to become parents.

I had a break down in the car on the way home from Florida this weekend.  At first I started to cry because my back right hip was hurting.  I had 3 pillows smushed in different shapes all around me trying to relieve the discomfort.  I began to cry and John reached over to try and massage it out.  He asked me, "Are you feeling nervous?" 
I wasn't, then with that question...I was.
Then I wasn't crying about my hip anymore.
I started thinking about how much our lives are going to change and the huge adjustment we have ahead of us.
I started hoping and hoping that I could be the best mother for our precious daughter.
I was nervous about labor and hoping that I'll be as brave as I plan to be.
Man, this pregnancy thing is a roller-coaster.
I don't even know if there is a word to describe all of these pre-mother emotions.  It is the most terrifying and glorious thing all wrapped up in one.  I want to protect her and keep her in my belly forever and at the same time I want to have her as soon as possible and show her the beauty of the world.
Ready or not, here she comes...and in her own time no doubt.

We get the crib tomorrow.  Her room is coming together bit by bit.

Is Thanksgiving really in 2 days?  How did that happen?


Rachel said...

Love the chair and ottoman in baby E.J,'s nursery!

Monique said...

Her nursery is soooo cute!

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