This Thanksgiving I have so much gratitude in my heart. 

i am grateful for my incredibly selfless and hilarious husband, i love him so
i am grateful for my baby girl growing and kicking inside of me
i am grateful for the sparkling pumpkin spiced cider chilling in my refrigerator for thanksgiving dinner
i am grateful for a family that loves me despite my pregnancy mood swings (i cry pretty easily these days)
i am grateful that tomorrow Mr. Murphy is putting up EJ's crib after we eat til our heart's content
i am grateful for the joy that The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings to my life
i am grateful to snuggle in bed with my little sister and her babe even though she won't let me put my feet on hers
i am grateful for music
i am grateful for my disappearing belly button
i am grateful for bosom friends
i am grateful for a warm home to live in, clothes to put on my body, and food to feed my belly

Happy Thanksgiving to all


Unknown said...

So amazing. You have a wonderful family, and once your baby girl comes into the world, there will be so much more joy :-)

Haley said...

oh that picture makes me melt :) Loved reading about what your grateful for...you are truly blessed :) Hope you had the sweetest Thanksgiving with your family!

and sparkling pumpkin spiced cider...YUM.

ConnieB said...

i love this picture! You are glowing!

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