Joy school lately

Joy school has been incredible! We have made so many memories and learned and strengthened beautiful friendships.  I am so in love with the Joy School curriculum and what has been taught to my children.  We have the best group of kids and moms and I am so honored to be with such a special group of people.  My children look forward to going and once every two weeks it is at our house and that is fun too. Evaleigh is starting to open up more socially by doing the hand motions and singing to some songs, that is a big inprovement for her.  She is not one to show off unless it is her idea.  I have enjoyed watching her social skills change and grow over the past few months. Here are some of the many many things we have done:

Nature day
Feed cows
Ride on BOB
Paint with feet
Trace our bodies
Homemade applesauce 
Bake cookies
Make homemade veggie soup
Go to a zoo
Made pinecone peanut butter bird feeders
Plant seeds
Make ghosts out of trash
Halloween costumes
Assembly line for apple toast
Puppet shows
Learn about our bodies communication honesty the earth and so much more! 

And COUNTLESS arts and crafts 

We love this program and the friends who do it with us! 


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