walk in the light

These little balls of energy and I had been cooped up for so many consecutive rainy days that we bursting at the seams and had to get out of the house rain or shine!

So two days ago we slapped on our rain coats and plugged in our twinkle lights and made the most of the gloomy evening.  They were drenched and muddy but oh so happy that none of the dirt even mattered.  Laundry could be done and shoes cleaned but the outside was the solace we needed.

Evaleigh loves tiny things. And somehow she tracked down a small part of my key chain that had broken off and was laying in the mud.  She brought it to me blowing the whistle at the top of her lungs and asked me to do the same.  Then I noticed the small keychain attached to it with two tiny foot prints and next to it it said "Walk in the Light."  I pulled her close to me and read it to her and then sang her Teach Me to Walk in the Light.  It was a moment I never want to forget under the glow of the twinkling lights teaching my daughter about faith and the gleam of the Saviors love and gospel.  

The spirit filled my heart as I watched her stomp around yelling "walk in the light walk in the light!"

Then we all share a big piece of eye of round roast that I had been slow cooking in the oven for 8 hours. Yum. 


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