the garage

I've been trying to get myself and this home organized.  My mother comes home from her mission in exactly 6 weeks! She will be home Christmas Eve and we are all starting to get pretty excited over here! 

There is so much to be done and I am trying to catch up on some of the outside work since we've finally had a few days without rain.  Yesterday I spent over an hour blowing leaves off of the driveway.  With all of the rain and the lack of maintenance we had developed a pretty thick coat of packed wet leaves.  It was oddly satisfying to work to get them all cleared away and to see the concrete freshly unveiled.  The kids played in the camper completely keeping to themselves the whole time.  I would stop occasionally to bring them a snack to keep their blood sugar high and their minds occupied while playing in the camper.

Then we cleaned out the garage and I broke down about 30 cardboard boxes.  Then simplified everything.  It felt so good to declutter.

So tonight we waited in our freshly organized garage for daddy to come home while running around and peering out the window at our twinkle lights that have been on the Bla-bla tree for over a year now.  The kids took turns on the pink bike, which Evies legs are finally almost the right length for.  They practiced good manners and sharing.  Until the end when they got hungry.  I fed them meatloaf which they love!

When John was close we turned off the lights and sat on the couch in the dark as quiet as could be to scare him.  We all practiced saying "boo!" at the same time and they were so excited.  When John walked in we gave him a good scare followed by lots of giggles and a big group hug. It is so nice to have so many places to escape to on this home.  It constantly keeps thing feels new and fresh, we sure will miss that when we move to Athens.

Love my very wiggly noisy funny busy bodies and that they go along with my silly ideas. ❤️


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