the rewards

I love spending my days with them. I'm doing a job that is hard and exhausting and busy.  There are times when I question every little thing I am doing as a mom and I wonder if I'm already messing them up.  And then there are moments that sneak up on me and surprise me and give me the encouragement that I'm actually doing a pretty darn good job.

A few things lately that have touched my heart:

-Evaleigh wants to sing Avett a song before bed every night, she always chooses I am a Child of God and she knows every word.  She stands by his bed side and softly strokes his head.  She refuses to let me sing along.

-Avett has gotten particularly great at sharing.  If there is a conflict for the most part all I have to do is ask the kids to have "a conversation" about it and then they work it out.  Avett is such a humble little guy he is usually the one to give in and make peace.

-Evaleigh loves to "give service" around the house.  Today I told her she could help me do laundry and I left to go to the bathroom.  When I came back to the living room she had carried all of the clean laundry from the laundry room and piled it on the floor.  She loves to remind me with a huge smile and wide bright eyes, "Mom! Thats giving service!"

-Both of my children are loving and affectionate.  They love to hug and kiss and Evie loves to ask to tell me a whisper.  Usually it is, "I love you." Or "You are a sweet mom."

I'm honored to get to do this job and I'm so thankful for the times these kids make me laugh or feel proud.  It's such a reward for all of the hard times.  


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