Nature walk

Sometimes you just need a good fun day out in the muggy weather and soaking wet ground because it's the first break from rain in days!  I let the children lead the way on our nature walk and we weaved in and out of the woods.  I couldn't keep up with how many dozens of times they tripped in the rain boots that are several sizes too big for their little feet but they were so happy and determined and right in their element that nothing could keep them down. We help "spidy sticks" and whacked them in front of us while we walked so that we wouldn't run in to spider webs, because that is the WPRST feeling! 

We found ourselves down at the creek where they waded for over 30 minutes and walked up and down the descending water rock slides.  They were soaking up every bit of it that I dared not to speak but only observe.  Except when Evie yelled "snake " and we had a quick conversation about how I only want her to tell animals that couldn't be in our woods like Elephant and Alligator.  That way if there really was a snake I would know it wasn't pretend play.

Such a sweet and simple afternoon I got to share with my curious nature loving children.  We are soaking up Stock Gap all we can before we move to Athens at the end of this year. It will be so very missed by us.


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