thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving happened by accident this year, and it was fantastic! We originally planned on my family and Bekah's family together at Stock Gap.  But about 3-4 days before Bekah had the idea to meet up with everyone at our great Aunt Barbara's mountain house in Lake Toxaway North Carolina.  Then it just mushroomed from there, both of my brothers and their families came too and my father and grandparents and my aunt and cousin Sarah.  

When we got there my dad and Jen pawpaw and grandmaw had just left to take pawpaw to the hospital. Right before we had gotten there Pawpaw's dog and Sarah's dog had gotten in to a fight and pawpaw tried to break it up but ended up getting bitten and knocked to the ground.  He was completely fine but they took him in just to be safe.  We waited until 2:30 when they all got back to eat, except that we fed all the kids at 1.  We were all hungry but happy to wait!

The weather was perfect and the scenery was so lovely. My sister in law asked me to take pictures of the twins since they are graduating in May! I ended up having the sweetest conversation with them where they told me the things their parents have given them and taught them over the past 18 years.  It was incredible to hear them speak and gave me such great faith in the kind of men they will become.

It was a great day full of family togetherness. I loved meeting my new niece Maddison, it gave me baby fever to have another daughter. BIG TIME.  I still have faith that the timing of our next baby will be when the time is right.

I am so grateful for our blessing, there are so many, too many to even enumerate or count.  The Lord is so gracious to us and blesses us in a way that could never be repaid.  That is my prayer every night, complete awe of the beautiful and happy and blessed life we are living.


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