windows down

As a family we have really been trying to focus on keeping the Sabbath day more holy.  After all it is one of the 10 commandments that God has given us for our benefit.  If we treat this day just like every other day then how is that keeping it holy? How is that setting it apart from the rest of the week? If Sunday doesn't feel or look different then are we using it as God intended "as a rest from our labors"? 

As I've been teaching the Old Testament this year I have read over and over how the Lord commands the Israelites time and time again to keep the Sabbath holy.  The beautiful story of the manna is such a tangible representation for them.  I've wondered what's the point of keeping the sabbath day holy? Why should it be considered holy? Why does the Lord value tje Sabbath so much that he put it in a list that includes not killing and lying?

As I've pondered this something that has been impressed on me over and over has come when I've thought about where the sabbath came from.  The first "sabbath" so to speak was the 7th day of creation when the lord tested from his labors.  I think this shows how much the Lord values and respects the creation.  It was such a sacred event that he rested for a whole day to marvel at what He had done.

The Sabbath is a day for us to rest and marvel at what God has done for us.  I love it! I look forward to this day all week.  

A couple months ago we had stake conference and on the long(er) drive home the kids were getting restless.  In an effort to distract the children John put the windows down and let the cool approaching fall air blow in.  He encouraged the kids to feel the wind and enjoy the drive home.  It was a magical moment and the kids loved it.  I'll never forget driving home with giggles in the back seat and my hair whipping around my face with my love by my side on that beautiful peaceful Sabbath drive.


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