The coolest thing on our wall-2

The night of my birthday my mother got out a box of old hankys that she had and we laid them out with the ones that (John got for me for my birthday.)  They all fit perfectly together.  
 Some of them belonged to my great great Aunt Annelle and some belonged to Zede, an old family friend.  My mother gave any of them to me that I wanted.  I had BIG PLANS for these guys. Big plans.

My mother also gave me my Great-great Grandmother's earrings for my birthday.  Her name was Ula Minta.  Rumor has it, she killed off like 7 husbands.  Sassy lady.  I also got my great grandmother's old sewing scissors.  Treasures.

The next morning my mother ironed each hanky for me and we went on a walk together.  On our walk we looked down and mom noticed that our shadows were completely identical.  It gave us a good laugh but to be honest, I am so grateful to look just like her.

Then we met up with my sister to go shopping with all of my BIRTHDAY $$$.

(a little pre-shopping pic)

In charming Charlie's.

(My beautiful, beautiful sister, in a headband she would never buy but I think she looks rather stunning.  Are you smeyezing?)

On the other hand, she bought this one right away.

Then I got these...

and my sister bought me these..

and I got this sweater and necklace.

After John got out of his interpreters course we went home and I got to do my Hanky project!

Earlier that day mom and I had gone around and procured several album art square frames.  We placed the ironed hankys in the frames and decided which order to hang them in.  It was quite strategic.

(The layout)

The finished product.  I love it when dreams become reality.

I cannot WAIT for that wall paper to be gone.  They said they would remove it sometime this month. Then we will finally have walls that don't look like jail cells.  
We spent the rest of the evening pretending to be drunk off of blueberry juice and rolling each other up in an exercise mat and taking turns driving the other person caaarraaazzzaaayyyyyy.  Perfect birthday weekend.


Ashlee Martin Smith said...

For some reason I'm in love with your wall paper! We aren't allowed to paint our walls, or hang anything up, so the thought of gigantic green stripes on my walls makes me giddy! Isn't it awesomely funny how different people are? I loved this post! I love your hankies. And I love that I finally got my act together and your gift card is on its way!!!! I wish it would have been there by your birthday so you could have used it to go shopping with your mom and sister, but who doesn't love a little post-birthday shopping?! Yay!

Anonymous said...

oh. my. gosh. your wall hanky art is divine. i literally gasped when i saw it! so perfect.

and the sewing scissors are so completely gorgeous! you may possibly be the luckiest girl in the world!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

that turned out stunning! wowza :) LOVE.

Preston & Syd said...

I love that idea! Very cute!

Nurse-to-be said...

I love that Rachel, very pretty. I had this idea saved as a favorite on one of my favorite websites, but have not had time to complete it! So glad to know it can turn out so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love the wonderful things you found on your shopping trip! :]

Anonymous said...

Oh Rach, it's everything we dreamed it would be! I love it. Love, mom

Anonymous said...

by the way, your great, great, great grandmother did not "kill off" anyone. They all died of natural causes. Some bad luck, huh? mom again

~M~ said...

Love it!!

Lissa Chandler said...

your wall is absolutely beautiful.

syd b. said...

i love love love this wall so much! makes me want to make one for my house! fun blog!

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