To Be (or not to be...)

Well we have put it off long enough.  We have wanted to share this for quite some time now.

Here is the first song that John and I ever wrote together

Let me first say, we love our Savior. We love the gospel of Jesus Christ. We endeavor each day to try a little harder to do a little better. 

The Sermon on the Mount has always been something that has been so important to me. I have always felt that if we truly listened to it and lived by its words then it may have been all of the scripture we ever needed. (not really, but it has some pretty awesome stuff right?)  It is so powerful and contains so many deep truths and gospel principles that are essential to living a happy and beautiful life

In todays world it is hard to know what to be but the Lord has given us the scriptures as a "how to be" handbook.  That makes it easier for us to understand the way He would have us live our lives. We hope that each day we CHOOSE to be better and we CHOOSE to be more of what we are meant to be as Children of God.

Matthew 5:3-12

Here are the lyrics:

I hear Him say, "Blessed are the pure in heart."
Dear Lord, how do I start?
If I hunger and thirst after righteousness, He says that He will bless.
My heart is breaking, my body is shaking, can He fix and feed me now?
All these things He asks of me, I want to understand completely.
So, I'll talk to him on my knees and I'll plead...
"Help me to be."
And when I mourn, through His comfort I feel peace.
O Lord, how I need Thee.
My poor spirit is open and now I'm hoping that I can make this change.
And on that Mount a promise given, If we come unto Him, ours is the Kingdom of Heaven.
All these things He asks of me, I want to understand completely.
So, I'll talk to him on my knees and I'll plead...
"Help me to be."

(copyright 2010 John and Rachel Murphy)


Laura/DaPFG said...

Aww...so bummed I can't view this from my work! The lyrics are awesome, and I'm sure you guys sing it beautifully. Thanks for sharing! ;)

Laura/DaPFG said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful. seriously, thank you for this.

you guys are an amazing musical duo!

and i actually like your wallpaper.

Ashlee Martin Smith said...

I love this. You guys are so great.

M said...

this is beautiful perfection love & talent.

Bridget said...

you guys are good!

taryn said...

you're both so beautiful. thanks for sharing bits of your life with us.

michele said...

YAY! I love it.

JMay said...
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JMay said...

I just stumbled across your blog and it's so sweet! You have such a nice voice & I love that you guys did this together :-) Great, beautiful lyrics!


Anonymous said...

That's my girl! And, by the way, I love my new son-in-law. You two are make a perfect couple... love, mommee

Amy @ AGirlCalledBeloved said...

WOW! I'm blown away. Your voice is so beautiful and the lyrics made my heart smile. Lovely! I have no other words.

andrea said...

this is an absolutely beautiful song. your voice is phenomenal.

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