My first time making sweet sweet whoopie...

...Whoopie Pies that is.

Geeze guys, get your heads out of the gutter!  (Although that was fun too.)

When we have our giveaways we request that those who enter the giveaway send us a recipe.  We receive so many amazing things and can't wait to try them all!  

The first official Tunes and Spoons Recipe Feature is from Elizabeth (I mean Emily) Day at daileyeday.blogspot.com  She is a clever little San Diegoian with a love for all things JJ and vintage.  She lovingly sent us a recipe for her Grandmother's Whoopie Pies.  Even in her G-ma's very own handwriting.  (In fact she is having a schmancy giveaway herself right now.  E.day not her G-ma)

Here is the recipe.  It's old school so you don't have step by step directions, you just kind of throw things in bowls and mix them together. We are so babied nowadays. 

(Step 1. Get out butter Step 2. Take off wrapper Step 3. Mix dry ingredients Step 4. Mix wet ingredients Step 5. Alternate mixing wet and dry ingredients sifting the dry. BLAH BLAH BLAH, JUST THROW IT IN THERE!)

We got this vanilla in Honduras on our honeymoon.  I'm not sure what I'm more concerned about:  the fact that I've used that much vanilla in 5 months or the fact that its called vainilla.

After making the filling I made the batter for the pies.  That stuff was SO thick it made my mixer motor get hot!  The beaters were struggling.

After they came out I let them cool for about 10 minutes, which was really hard for me.  I like to eat things right away.  In fact I eat the stuff more before it's baked....oh salmonella hasn't gotten me yet!

Then there you have it. 
Me, making whoopie at 1 in the morning
I thoroughly enjoyed it and from the look on John's face he liked it too.  
Making whoopie is fun and delicious and you all should try it too!


We will announce the winner tonight!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tunes & Spoons said...

Dang it, I'm changing it. I feel like a tard!!! HahHA! Oh sorry dear! Hope your G-ma doesn't think I'm a hussy!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! my grandma would definitely think no such thing. i'm going to email her your blog right now. she would soo be cracking up at your comment.

and i deleted my prior comment. my goal is to never make anyone feel tardish :)

Anonymous said...

Yours look much better than my first time! And you know your a baker when the title in the reader made you think of whoopie pies...not the other. ;) haha

Jennifer said...

Etymology of vanilla: New Latin, from Spanish vainilla vanilla (plant and fruit)

Yeah, I'm that much of a nerd, sigh...but "vainilla" still makes me giggle :)

Anonymous said...

okay okay verdict is IN:

adding to my grandmother's lovely handwriting: make sure you use 100% cocoa, not the stuff you mix for chocolate milk, or it won't work.

on the electric mixer: she said she never uses one because of the heat factor. she just gets a solid workout by mixing.

and she read this post and said she loves it, and loved your hussy comment :)

Emily said...

YUM! looks so fantastic. thanks for sharing. :)

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness, YUM! Just came across your blog and it's adorable!

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