Vintage tablecloths, Handkerchiefs, and Birthdays-1

This weekend I enjoyed quite the birthday celebration.  I have been out "partying" so please forgive the lack. of. posts. 2 days, big deal right?

Friday I was not feeling so hot so my dear friend Meaghan came and relieved me from my babysitting job. (Thanks Meg!)

My hubs was home Friday so he was able to be with me on the day honoring my birth.  So, he took me to Fresh 2 Order and we had a yummy birth DAY lunch.

(I dig these mustard plates)

Then we had these incredibly moist and chocolaty birthday cupcakes from F2O.  The only thing missing was a candle.

Then hubs took me to see Toy Story 3 at the dollar theater.  I laughed, I cried, I really wanted to be a child again and go home and play with my Baby Lissy and Maryanne.  It was the perfect movie for a birthday,  I felt surprisingly reflective about my life and nostalgic for my childhood.

Then John took me one more place for my last birthday gift.  We went to Antiques and Interiors in Sandy Springs and he bought me a vintage tablecloth and 3 old handkerchiefs.  I had really been wanting some colorful hankys to hang on my wall (much more to come on this later, our dining room now looks incredibly wonderful), so like he always does, he fulfilled my wish.

Then we went home to Mom and Dad's and they planned a special dinner for me.

(Apparently, I made everyone stand on my right.)

We had...


Daddy bought me sunflowers.

My mother, once again, did not disappoint.  She lit torches on the porch and we ate by firelight and the moon and stars.  The night bugs were making their sounds and we kept our family tradition and my parents told me about how I was born.  I really love hearing that story.  It was a magical moment.

I learned that birthdays are much better with husbands to share them with, particularly mine.

 I only have 363 more days til the next birthday.  I wonder what life will be like then...


Anonymous said...

What a perfect perfect birthday!! It sounds like a dream! Happy Birthday and your updates were definitely missed this weekend!

Becca Jane said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Sounds like a great weekend for you! I LOVE the pictures....especially the chocolate cake one with the big chocolate heart!!! Your photography is SO creative!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you,
I'm glad I had you
You have made me so happy
Happy Birthday to you.
Guess who?

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