8 Glorious Things

Bussiness first:  ONE MORE DAY TO (ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY!)  You know you want some cute new earrings!  We will announce it sometime in the evening after I am done babysitting : )

I need to share a few reasons why we have one of the happiest marriages EVER! (But don't a lot of us?  And isn't it the best feeling in the world to feel like you are the only couple in the world that happy?)

  1. John will jump out of the shower and warm a towel up for me in the dryer. As soon as I turn the water off he runs to get it out of the dryer and then throws it on to me.  It feels like a big warm hug. (Sometimes I will do the same for him.)
  2. We laugh together everyday. Hard.
  3. He plays me love songs on the guitar while I fall asleep.
  4. He loves absolutely everything I cook, and makes great faces to convince me of it.
  5. We like to go antiquing together.  We find cool things like this...

(someday I want a drawer full of mismatched silverware.  who said uniformity was cool??  We found these on the way back home from our trip to The Ranch.  It was Sunday so we didn't buy them but they were any 10 pieces for $6! :( )

(oh mustard chairs, get in my house)
(we want one of these over our bed)

continuing on now...

6. We pray together every single night.  He says one then I say one.  It is wonderful to hear what the other one needs and is grateful for. (Thanks for the suggestion Pres. J.)

7. We have gchat conversations like this:

me:  hola
i cant seem to ever get to the laundry
i really just want to curl up and watch a movie with you tonight, thats all.
 jmurph34:  ME TOO!!!!
i need that!!
 me:  me too!!!  imagine that soft blanket...me on your chest
sounds like heaven
 jmurph34:  can we drink hot chocolate?!
 me:  hmmm...yes!!!!  lucky you i bought chocolate chips today!
 jmurph34:  yea!!

So, last night I found Alton Brown's Hot Chocolate recipe and made this:

Now we have homemade hot cocoa to keep throughout the falliday season. (thanks for the word e.day!)

I have to be honest...not Alton's best work.  I'm not going to pretend that was the best thing I have ever tasted. That hot chocolate left a funny aftertaste in our mouths.  It was super smooth but not sweet enough.  We like sweet and we're not ashamed.

So, this cocoa needs some tweaking. At least it looks cute with our falliday decor.

And lastly...

8. We are both happier than we have ever been and it just keeps getting better.  So happy in fact that NOTHING gets us down.  Ever. Although many may try, we don't even care.  We never knew life could be so sweet and it's the honest truth.


Anonymous said...

:) this post just makes me smile!! i love your labels for your hot cocoa.. and your recipe honesty! its the worst when you try a recipe and it tastes nastyyy.

Unknown said...

i love you so much for putting into words, so funnily (yes i just made that up...i think), how i feel about my marriage! i'm glad my dear friends are as happy as we are!

Meaghan said...

Thank you for this. Not just for this post, though it is touching, but for this blog in general. It is beautiful, you are beautiful, and it just fills me with such love and joy every time I read it. So, thanks for brightening my day via the internet.

Becca Jane said...

Now you're my new bloggy BFF for TWO reasons!! Nate & I have hilarious chats on Yahoo ALL the time! Sometimes he's across the room. Sometimes they are innappropriate. But they are always hilarious. Sadly, we have some of our best conversations in complete silence, haha!! LOVE THIS!! So fun to read! And I love the LIFE post too, I used to play that game all the time. "Look at all these babies."...HAHAHA so funny!

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