12 pictures of the babe

1. Some quiet time in the nursery with my babe
2. EJ pretending to be a lion
3. Polka dots and yellow bows
4. Snuggles after eating early in the morning
5. Post-op doc appointment, struggling with our stroller...wide load in the back folks
6. Milk happy
7. Oh! Those lips...
8. The happiest Auntie around
9. Cookies from Courtroom Connect, thanks guys!
11. Dove...that's just cruel.  At least Ev can follow your advice.
12. And one more just because...

I can't stop taking pictures of this little girl.  I love her so.


Christi Lynn said...

wow! your little girl is beautiful! look at those eyes! how adorable :)

Meredith said...

she's soooooooo precious & adorable!!!
she looks just like her mama & daddy :)

F as in Frank said...

She is just precious! Love the little bow.

ConnieB said...

Gorgeous girl! Are you on instagram? I'm connieraeb if you want to be friends (: Also, her auntie could be twins with a friend of mine Janae! Crazy.

Kendra said...

haha, love the DOVE note :)

And her lips as so baby-licious!

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

This is so adorable, I can't even bear it! hehe!

McKenzie said...

she has grown so much already! she's beautiful!

and those dove chocolates....oh yumminess!


Callie Lynch said...

Your daughter and your blog are absolutely adorable! New follower!

Bennett Love

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