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We have officially started cloth diapering.  I am so excited to see this little bubble butt around here more often.  
I mean check her out...baby got back.

The jury is still out on:

Kissa's Newborn All-In-One Diaper by Kissaluvs
Kissaluvs Marvels One Size AIO
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Small Pocket Diaper
Flipz Pocket Diaper
Thirsties Covers with Pre-folds
Thirsties Fab Fitter Duo with a cover
Thirsties Pocket Diaper

Here is what I've learned so far:

-FuzziBunz materials feel oh-so-good.
-Pre-folds are complicated.  I got peed on last night.  Looks like momma still has some learning to do.
-Pre-folds take a longer time to dry than expected.
-Wet bags are a must.
-Kissa's Newborn diaper does not absorb the poop like Fuzzi or Thirsties
-Snappi's look scary and feel scary but are wonderful.  You can pull them tighter than you think.
-I'm still trying to get the hang of flannel wipes, more on that later.
-All-in-one, fitteds, and pockets are proving to be easier than pre-folds, but I'm told the pre-fold thing takes a lot of patience and practice.  I'm still working on it.

EJ is seeming to love them a lot more than sposies, yay!


Christi Lynn said...

cloth diapers are adorable! your little one is soooo cute! hah i love that picture.

Elisha said...

sooo cute ;)

Whim Wham Life said...

we just started too! Fuzzibunz! I think we might add some G diapers into the mix too. Oh the joys of parenting:-) xoxo

kendra @ little almanac said...

wow, you rock for attempting cloth diapers!

Breezy said...

Hi! New reader here. We love Flip. I think they are made by bum genius. They are AWESOME. Cute blog!

Meredith said...

haha, she is sooooo cute!

i use cloth diapers with the little boy i babysit, and they were tough to get the hang of... but at least they look cute right? ;)

Brittany said...

Please blog about this all the time! I'm wanting to cloth diaper, and I need somebody to tell me the truth about it! :)

meghan said...

I've been loving following along with this new journey of yours! That sweet Evaleigh is too adorable! & your birth story brought tears to my eyes...thanks for sharing.

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