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Dear Readers, meet this lovely lady and her babe.  Her name is Kendra and she is one of my new favorites.  I hope you all had wonderful Valentine's Day.


Would it alarm you, Tunes and Spoons readers, if I started off by saying that I am a "wild thing?" I'm sure most of you grew up reading the tale of Max who ventured far off to the land of the wild things where when he was about to leave their world they screamed "Don't go! I'll eat you up, I love you so!" I used to find that disturbing as a child but as I've grown older I find that rather endearing. Odd, I know. But I actually have this habit of mine that when something is so good and I can hardly stand it, my jaw locks so tight and I grit my teeth because my body seriously can not contain the excitement. But rather than eat that person/place/thing I'd most likely either like to kiss it or cry because I love it so much {unless it's an ice cream sundae. In that case I would rather eat it up because I love it so!}

Seeing that yesterday was Valentine's Day, thinking about the things I love is still on the surface of my heart. There is so much passion I have built up in chest that I'd thought I'd share with you some of the things I'm WILD about in no particular order:

+ Marriage. I love, love, love the bond and strength that forms between the unity of a man and a woman. I love it in my marriage and I love seeing love in the marriage of others. To me, there's nothing better!

+ baby smiles & cuddles. My first baby just turned one 2 weeks ago. I never knew how quickly my eyes could turn into faucets until my sweet Evelyn nestled her tiny body into my chest for the first time. And here we are a year later and my eyes still leak with every little embrace, especially now as cuddles are not her thing anymore, that busy body gal!

+ motherhood. I am WILD about this one. There is no quicker way to learn about yourself than to become a mother. You learn of your strength as a woman - physical and emotional, you learn of sacrifice, of patience, of charity and compassion, you learn of humility, perseverance. I have never been a stronger woman and I respect myself and all the women in the world one hundred fold for the great duty it is to bear and rear children.

+ I'm WILD about anything with cheese. Macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, cottage cheese, mozzarella sticks - you name it!

+ travel. I LOVE seeing the world and all that humanity has to offer. It is so breathtaking to leave your known culture and arrive in another. It just does something to a person, ya know what I mean?

+ I am so grateful for the wonderful genius who decided to first dip an apple into caramel and then roll it in nuts, drizzled with chocolate {most notably, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory}

+ I'm WILD about blogging. I love it. I find it so therapeutic. I love blogging about my little daily adventures and triumps that would otherwise go unnoticed and forgotten, but here in our little almanac they live forever. I like that. 

What is it that you are WILDLY in love with? I hope you'll pop on over here and spill your heart out :)


Thanks Kendra, I'm over here today talking about some love of my own!  


Hilary Lemon said...

How do you know Kendra?! She and I went to the BYU London Centre at the same time a few years ago. Wild! Great to catch up with a long lost friend. :)

Unknown said...

so adorable!! great post.


Unknown said...

i totally agree with you about traveling! i think there is nothing more humbling than experiencing new people and places... well sometimes. i guess it depends on where you travel to! haha!


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