Bottle Cap Magnets- Grlz Wknd part 2

I have been wanting to do this project ever since John and I got married.  At our reception we had Boylan's Vintage Soda.  We asked everyone to save the caps off of their sodas and deposit them in a big mason jar.  My original plan was to make these magnets with one of our wedding pictures in it and send those to everyone as thank yous.  Hmmm...I got too busy being a newly wed  and never did that.

BUT, I have finally done it.  This weekend at Girl's Weekend  I shared my bottle caps and everyone made some magnets.  They turned out perfect and I am so pleased and happy that I saved all of the bottle caps for 4 whole months!  These make for such a precious personalized gift too!

Here is what you need:

bottle caps
hot glue gun
tiny magnets

Here is how you do it.

1. Acquire several bottle caps (however you'd like to)
2. Rinse them out with cool water and let dry.
3.Print off tiny pictures to fit inside (windows has an option to print out a contact sheet with has 35 tiny photos on one page)
4. Hot glue gun tiny magnets on to the back of the bottle cap.
5. Cut out the pictures and hot glue gun them inside of the bottle caps.
6.  Mix resin according to directions and pour inside of bottle caps with pictures.  Be careful not to let spill over.
7.  Blow hot air on the resin to get the bubbles out.
8.  Let dry according to directions and you will have precious bottle cap personalized magnets!

And there you have it.  My dream has now been fulfilled.  Oh, crafting, the things you do to me to make me happy.

Happy perfect four months today to me and my hubs.


Becca Jane said...

Such a cool idea!! I'm HORRIBLE at crafting and definitely don't have the patience for it! You should sell these!! I did Allie's room in a birdie theme, she's got some CUTE stuff in there! I love the birdcage one!

Anonymous said...

your wedding decor and photos are so beautiful. i am obsessed with weddings and wedding DIY projects, and this is definitely an idea i haven't seen before! so pretty :)

Tunes & Spoons said...

Thanks ladies! Becca, I'd love to sell them but I don't know where. Of course other than Etsy, but I fee like its gotten so big now, that if I tried to sell anything, it would get lost...

e.day- when you get married you are probably going to have one of the coolest weddings ever with all of the research you have done! You probably have so many good ideas!

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