Before we begin this post, we need to have a chat.
A serious chat.
If you try to make this Jalapeño Lime Butter it may become extremely addicting. Extremely. So, approach with caution.

"Hi, my name is Rachel Murphy and I'm addicted to Jalapeno Lime Butter."

"Hi, Rachel."


1 sick butter
1 lime, juiced and zested
1 small jalapeno
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon sweet paprika
6 ears corn on the cob, husked
1 slice of bread, any kind
coarse salt


Combine butter, lime, jalapeno, garlic, and paprika in food processor and pulse process until smooth
Place on waxed paper or plastic and roll.
Place in freezer until ready to serve.
Cook corn by boiling, steaming, or grilling.
Cut disks of butter and rub onto corn, nesting the butter in a slice of bread to apply it to the hot corn.
Season ears with salt (and fight over the hot buttered bread slice!)

* I don't get where Rachael Ray is going with this bread thing. I didn't do it.

We coupled this incredible corn with Blood Orange Italian Soda and pasta with Vodka Sauce and fresh grated Parm.. You would think it a weird combo to do a mexicany thing with Italian stuff, but it was delish. Plus, it was another one of those, "whip something up fast" nights. John's blood sugar was rapidly dropping, and he gets fussy when that happens. I may have to start sending him bags of cheerios for a snack during the day.

Next up in our Jalapeño obsession are...

Jalapeño poppers!

We are going to try them very soon! Our cheddar cheese molded so I have to go get some new cheese...

I'll be sure to let you know how these go!


Bryan Danilovich said...

I love that John is wearing a Georgia shirt in that one picture. Go Dawgs! :)

Great blog -- keep up the good work!

Tunes & Spoons said...

Thanks Bryan!

Tunes & Spoons said...

P.s. We are counting down the days to kickoff! Just only wish it were a cooler game to start off the season, but we are going to the opening game on Saturday.

Get John to tell you the reason he bought that shirt...

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