Growing Young and Playing Dress-up

Tonight I washed makeup off of my face two times.

The Mr. and I were getting ready to go to bed after an amazing night of vegetarian cuisine and then the music hit us. (spontaneity gets the best of us every dang time.) I looked in to my bag of headbands, bobby pins, and tricks and I spied the two pairs of old people glasses that I got for wedding picture props.  We never used them and now I am glad we didn't.  I was disappointed when we forgot to use them for wedding photos but tonight these glasses filled the measure of their creation.

John and I put on our best "old people" wear, I reapplied my makeup, and we learned a special song.  

I wore my great-aunt Annelle's real fur mink coat.  It is in perfect condition and was handed down to me by my Nanny (my perfect mother's perfect mother).  On the inside on the right her name is embroidered.  (Annelle S. Julian, such a beautiful name, they just don't make em' like that anymore.)  This coat is the classiest thing I own.  I can't wait to wear it to an opera someday.  Oh Mr. Murphy, won't you take me to see La Boheme?

So, here is our treat for you.  Our spontaneous midnight dress-up party.  We have fun and we don't care who sees it.  Life is perfect and we can't wait to grow old with each other. (though being young together is pretty awesome too!)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful song! Y'all are adorable with your dress up :)

Sara said...

Haha! I shoulda stayed late, then it would have been a live concert! :)

Tunes & Spoons said...

Thanks Steph! And Sara, I'm not gonna lie, I didn't have on pants when we recorded this so maybe you wouldn't have wanted to be there?

Laura Nelson said...

you two sing beautifully :) so cute! that's so funny you don't have pants on! :)

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