Her Spoiled Eggs

Dear Tunesandspoons readers,

I am sharing something with you all.  Someday John and I will want to have babies, but that day is not today or probably even tomorrow.  However, we have a friend who DOES want babies, like YESTERDAY!  Her name is Ashlee and she and her husband have tried probably a million things to add the pitter patter of little feet to their family.  

We are hoping for the best for them.  

So, we are supporting her blog, and efforts to share their journey, and hoping that you will too.  Plus, she is having a super cool giveaway.

In honor of Ashlee's infertility blog we made a yummy breakfast.  This breakfast OF COURSE WAS EGGS!!!

You need:

eggs (not spoiled)
peppers (jalapenos/red and green peppers)
hot sauce
strips of my Dad's famous smoked pork tenderloin (good luck getting that)
cheese (cheddar)

here is her blog:

Enjoy and happy baby making! ;) wink wink!


Ashlee Martin Smith said...

This is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. You guys are the greatest. Really. You are.

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