Making something out of nothing

I have been bored for quite some time with how our bedroom has looked.  I probably redecorate things about every 3 months. I thought to myself, "Well, other than the kitchen, this is where Mr. Murphy and I spend most of our time."  So,with no budget for new decor I looked around the house for something to change up our bedroom scene.  I walked around searching and searching.  "There must be SOMETHING in this little old apartment I can use!" 

I got distracted with my search and I began to move furniture around.  I thought maybe that would give me some inspiration.  I have always wanted to "catty corner" the bed so I figured I would just go right on and move all of that furniture by my little old selfy!  So, 15 minutes later, I had everything in place.  I'VE GOT IT!  We need a headboard.  Now, what to use?  Then a light shown and angels sang as I spotted our ironing board in the wash room!

Who are we kidding, we don't even USE an ironing board.  If John wants something wrinkle free we throw it in the dryer with a wet rag, it works just as well, so don't judge.

I grabbed that thing and put it behind the bed and threw a birdcage, a picture frame, some old books, and a candle on there. DONE!  A newly decorated bedroom in 30 minutes tops.  

Something out of nothing.

I think it's actually a rather unique idea.  I love it.  See below...I am proudly displaying my non-folded, non-hung laundry in the left corner there.  Don't get me wrong, I like a clean house and all but if it comes to spending time with my husband or cooking something yummy, I'll be doing that instead.  I don't know what it is about laundry that is SO painstaking for me. So, "In your face laundry, nobody likes you."

I have a problem and an obsession.  Someone help me!  Does anyone see a theme here?

In other news, I made some nasty Mac-n-cheese a couple of weeks ago for the kids I babysit for.  I tried the "making something out of nothing" technique here and apparently that doesn't fair well in all situations.  A word of advice: don't try and make gourmet mac-n-cheese for kids with a Kraft box of mac-n-cheese.  The powdered cheese and real cheese surprisingly don't mix.  That's what I get for trying to be creative with processed cheese.  Fail.  


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