Labor Day Antiquing

Be prepared to see a lot of photos.  Is this a plog?  What do you call a photo blog?  Hmmm...I like plog.

We spent the day in beautiful Dahlonega, GA antiquing.  I am lucky to be married to a man who appreciates beautiful old things and like me, wants a lot of them in our home.  When we were dating we used to go over to Red Barron's Antiques and Antiques and Interiors in Sandy Springs for date nights.  In fact, we found we found Ava Marie in Antiques and Interiors.  There are many things in life that get me going, in fact I would say that I am quite easily excited.  However, not many things make me giddy like antiques.

Here are some of our spoils from the breezy, beautiful, pre-fall, labor day in Dahlonega.

New Eagles album

These were vintage Phonics Spelling Cards.  I think I am going to frame them all and hang them above the bed.

The rest of these pictures are just some really beautiful things that we wanted but couldn't buy.  Someday we will be rich and have an antique store for a home.

Playing dress-up.

We found a "Best of" Otis Redding Album.  It broke our hearts to leave it behind but it was too expensive for us.  Maybe I will get it for John for his birthday, don't tell him.

After a long day of walking around shopping we got a mid afternoon snack at Connie's.  I had the caramel cake and John had a cookies and cream  milkshake. (not on the P90X plan.  I guess that will have to wait til tomorrow...again.)

Hope you enjoyed the plog.  We will post what we decided to do with the phonics cards and J and R letters.  I am working on a little bed room decor redo. Any suggestions?

Happy Labor Day...no more white.


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